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VISTA: Your Partner for Workforce Optimization

Cost Savings Does Not Have to Equate to  Diminishing Quality in Contingent Labor Staffing.  Download Your Free E-Book, Today!

At VISTA, we're dedicated to becoming our clients' strategic workforce optimization partner. Covering more than 60 specialties, VISTA staffs physicians, nurse practitioners, CRNAs, and physician assistants to help our clients preserve revenue and maintain profitability with contingent staffing

In addition to our core capabilities, VISTA Select’s partnership network expands our available candidate pool and ability to fulfill other clinical demands. Through our innovative Managed Service Provider (MSP) program, VISTA Select, we utilize data and analytics to provide customizable workforce solutions designed specifically for each client’s needs. 

With our deep expertise, vast network of industry partners, and our exclusive technology, we can design and implement a host of staffing solutions that range from stand-alone technology to managed services to variations of both, all delivered through an exclusive relationship and a single point of contact. We partner with health systems, hospitals, practices, and government entities to build and sustain effective workforce models that ensure patient access to care and organizational stability. 

For over 30 years, VISTA Staffing Solutions has utilized best practices to fulfill contingent staffing needs and help our clients achieve both short and long-term goals by establishing Trust, Transparency, and Accountability.


Overcoming Challenges in Today's Environment with VISTA

Today’s climate has made one thing clear: healthcare systems and hospitals need a partner to develop more cost-effective staffing solutions through Trust, Transparency, and Accountability. 

The issue: balancing the need for continuity of care against the need to control costs. With a people-first, technology-enabled approach to handling immediate and long-term provider staffing needs, you can manage the provider team in a way that makes sense for your organization while staying within your budget.

By utilizing a technology-enabled approach can be a game-changer in improving efficiencies in your organization. VISTA is your Trusted, Transparent, Accountable partner as we work through the current environment.

Why VISTA Select

The three key elements of a VISTA partnership are Trust, Transparency, and Accountability – a vision that our partners should expect more.

VISTA has invested in people and technology to evolve strategically. With a track record of performance and developing innovative, customized solutions, VISTA is re-defining strategic partnerships and creating new opportunities for cost containment and efficient contingent staffing for our clients. Combining the power of historical data analysis and real-time market intelligence, VISTA creates an informed strategy for your group.

Cost Savings Does Not Have to Equate to Diminishing Quality in Contingent Labor  Staffing.  Download Your Free E-Book, Today!


Beyond offering the highest quality service and support, we do things a little bit differently at VISTA. Our partners can Trust that we are always looking for ways to decrease your dependency on locums. Through our effective staffing strategies, VISTA can see where deficiencies lie and why they exist. Armed with that data, we can find ways to optimize your workforce and reduce your reliance on contingent staffing altogether.

When you choose VISTA Select, you can Trust that your group will receive the highest quality of service and support in optimizing your workforce. Plus, despite the excellent level of service, you’ll receive, it does not come at a high cost. There are no additional costs above the price of the physician’s services. You will not have to pay fees for technology, consulting, or any of our other excellent features and services.


VISTA understands the complexity and sensitivity of the current market, the frustrations, and the challenges that you face.  Founded in 1990, VISTA partners with healthcare organizations to build and sustain effective workforce models that ensure continuity of patient care while expanding profitability. By adapting and customizing our service offerings to the current evolving market, VISTA has developed VISTA Select, a people-first technology-enabled approach to containing your costs and managing your physician workforce. VISTA Select is a zero-cost technology solution structured to gain Transparency on your current spending, supply data analytics to drive real-time decision-making and provide a team with the expertise to be true strategic partners. 


For both VISTA and its partners, Accountability is a significant aspect of delivering the best clinical staffing solutions every time. 

Accountability comes down to measuring performance. Reviewing deliverables and goals is a key aspect of determining the next steps toward the client’s success.

In the process, VISTA works to:

        Deliver services in balance with fiscal accountability, with the VISTA team taking time to understand and identify patterns in an organization's spending.

         Facilitate permanent placement and reassignment strategies to reduce dependence on contingent labor

         Offer customizable workflows and solutions that allow organizations to optimize staffing levels, ensure quality patient care, contain costs, and maintain or increase revenue.

Trust, Transparency, Accountability

Working with VISTA Select in Contingent Staffing

VISTA’s goal is to understand each organization’s unique demands and expectations so that we can develop and introduce innovative solutions like VISTA Select. We want to learn more about your team’s challenges and offer customized cost-containment options for your organization. With our full-service workforce management support, you will enjoy:

A True Partner in Healthcare Workforce Optimization

VISTA is dedicated to partnering with your healthcare organization in serving all your contingent staffing needs. As your exclusive partner, we will aim to ensure your facility operates at peak efficiency, helping you handle high volumes while delivering quality patient care, containing costs, and maintaining or even increasing revenues.

Customized and Standardized Processes and Procedures

Finding locum tenens providers often requires that you juggle multiple staffing agencies, systems, procedures, and documentation formats. With our managed service plan, you can customize and standardize your communication and workflow processes in the way that works best for your unique organization making you more productive and efficient than ever before.

Download Your Free E-Book: Trust, Transparency, Accountability: VISTA Select: Your Partner for Workforce Optimization

Exceptional Cost Savings

To jumpstart your VISTA Select experience, we will perform a comprehensive Workforce Optimization Review. This allows us to take a deep dive into your processes, your data, and your analytics to see where you need help most. In this financial exercise, we identify patterns in your workforce utilization levels over the years and quantify these patterns’ impact on the organization’s financial performance. We find opportunities to save on your facility costs by removing elements that are not positively contributing to the delivery of quality patient care. Then, using this data, we provide recommendations on a one, three, or five-year Workforce Optimization Strategy that will help you meet all your goals.

Dedicated Management and Staff Support

VISTA providers can reduce gaps in coverage, dramatically reducing disruptions to patient care and strain on current staff. We utilize a strategic recruitment plan to anticipate all your coverage needs and establish the ideal time frames for recruiting. We proactively recruit licensed, cross-credentialed providers to ensure they are ready and available when you need help. With these steps, we can efficiently move providers to where they are needed, eliminating problematic gaps in coverage and even reducing staff burnout.

Customized Healthcare Cost Containment Solutions with VISTA Select

VISTA Select is a customizable, zero-cost, fully adaptable people-first technology-enabled solution with wide-ranging accessibility and real-time reporting – an innovative tool that could be the key to providing quality patient care in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Innovative Technology

Through our VISTA exclusive Vendor Management System (VMS), our customizable client dashboard gives you a glimpse at real-time reporting metrics whenever you need them. This system allows you to:

Visualize your staffing status and needs

See opportunities to shrink costs

Standardize, manage, and track your bill rate

Consolidate all your invoicing processes

View vendor scorecards

Track your metrics

Keep your records secure, yet easily accessible

As we assist with the management of your workforce, our innovative system collects valuable data that reveals staffing needs in your organization. Our monthly and quarterly reviews help you dial in on the key metrics in need of improvement. You can then work with our team to build a strategy that will further improve your operations.

While we help you maintain clear oversight of your current and upcoming staffing needs, our system also allows us to digitize your records. This ensures you can easily retrieve and review them without having to manually dig through masses of paperwork.

With VISTA Select, your organization will also receive a complimentary, comprehensive Workforce Optimization Review, in which VISTA takes a deep dive to identify opportunities to reduce and standardize spending on physician staffing. These customizable services better enable your team to control your staffing costs and plan for the future.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to optimize your workforce, streamline your processes, contain your costs, and improve the overall performance of your organization, reach out to our team of VISTA experts today.

Trust, Transparency, Accountability