You are about to embark on an exciting journey as you transition into the professional world of medicine. From residency to semi-retirement, VISTA can be a resource as you seek the type of work environment most suitable for you. Have you considered locum tenens? It can be a great option, as it provides the most flexibility for when and where you practice.

Take it from one of VISTA’s seasoned physicians, Dr. Rholl, and his wife, Carol:

“I wish we had done locum tenens when Mark first graduated from his residency. I think it would have helped us decide where to live. I keep trying to talk people into it after their residency. I think it would be incredibly wonderful, and what a great experience for kids!” –Carol Rholl

VISTA has over 25 years of experience in physician staffing placing providers in temporary, permanent, and government work throughout the United States. We hope VISTA can provide you with the rewarding, flexible career options you’re looking for. For some tips on transitioning into your professional career, click below to download our free "10 Tips" guide! 

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